Thank you for visiting Grass Roots Landscaping!  My name is Ashley Fullerton- the founder and owner of this Marin County-based landscape and gardening service. For nearly twenty five years, I have delighted scores of clients with my unique vision and love of harmonizing nature with the family home.


Born and raised on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, my passion for plants and the environment was instilled in me as a young girl. Every spring and summer, I was sent out to weed my mother's vast and intricate herb, vegetable and flower garden. Surrounded by the sweet, high-summer scents of basil, thyme and heliotrope, I began a lifelong love of being close to the earth and the beauty that it gives forth.


After earning an advanced business degree, I relocated to San Francisco in October of 1989 and swiftly fell in love with the unique palette of the Northern California landscape; the joy of a year-long growing season; and the rugged beauty of the bay area.

Three years after my move, I found myself taking an evening gardening class to try and find some relief from my demanding work and travel schedule.  It was only a brief amount of time before my re-awakened love of creating beauty out of nature’s gifts eclipsed my corporate job, and I enrolled full time at the College of Marin.  Studying under renowned horticulturalist Louis Hunt, I ultimately merged my business degree with a deep understanding of Bay Area horticulture and how to pair plants for both a healthy environment and extraordinary natural beauty. During school I interned with a number of landscape designers, providing service to clients ranging from the Ritz Carlton to local homeowners and nurseries in Marin and Santa Cruz.  I am proud that I have a number of long term clients- you can read more about their experience with my services under the testimonials section of the site.

When not gardening, you can find me hiking in the hills of the San Geronimo Valley; returning to Cape Cod; and most important, spending time with my husband and two boys.